Six Flags Adds Virtual Reality To Rides


Six Flags plans to add a virtual reality option to its rollercoasters for people who don’t find the real thing terrifying enough.

The idea is to use headsets to provide themed video to watch while riding two existing rides at nine parks. One is the Superman ride, with the video making it appear you are flying around Metropolis alongside the man himself.

The other is an update to the New Revolution ride, with the video offering a storyline of flying a high-tech fighter plane to defend the earth from a ship full of hostile aliens.

As well as watching the video throughout the ride, you’ll also be able to fire virtual guns during the phase when the cars are ascending a ride and there’s not much happening.

The VR will come via a Samsung Gear VR headset (cleaned after every use) incorporating a Galaxy smartphone, though there’ll be modifications to make sure the headset doesn’t go flying off at high speed.

The display will be kept in sync with the ride through a Bluetooth link to a device on the train itself, with each rider seeing individual video matched to their position on the train and the position of the train on the track.

The storyline of each video has been designed to match the movement on the ride, for example having the “plane” bank left a moment before the train banks left. The idea is that the rider’s brain readies itself just in time for the physical movement, replicating the way somebody on a normal ride braces for the twists and turns they can see coming.

Using the headsets will be optional and carry no extra fee.

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