‘Gods of Egypt’ Review


The basic is, it is what you thought it would be. Gods of Egypt is big and shiny and has some cool moments, but is marred by a ridiculous amount of CG and pageantry. Via DenofGeek.

Gods of Egypt often becomes overpowered by its attempt to create something so epic in scale that it makes it hard to appreciate its characters.

Gods of Egypt may not be the best introduction or primer to Egyptian mythology, but the obvious problems aside, it acts as fun, escapist fare that younger kids might enjoy. Older action fans may be more skeptical, and rightfully so, but they might have fun as long as they remember not to take things too seriously.

So if you are a huge fan of the era and its fantastic nature, check it out. But if it looks too ‘shiny’ to you, it kind of is.

[Image via DenofGeek]

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