10 Confusing Movie Endings Finally Explained [Video]

The hardest part of a script to nail is the ending. Everything has been building up to this one moment, and if the writer doesn’t deliver, the movie could be doomed. Audiences love finality in movies, and prefer it if they understand what happened in a film. But sometimes, the conclusion throws them for a loop, and they’re more concerned about figuring out those last moments than anything else. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 confusing movie endings finally explained.

Inception – 0:28
American Psycho – 0:57
No Country For Old Men – 1:25
Interstellar – 1:53
The Wrestler – 2:25
Shutter Island – 2:51
Total Recall – 3:23
2001: A Space Odyssey – 3:52
Birdman – 4:22
Memento – 4:51

[Screen Rant]

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