CES 2016: $9,800 Self-Cleaning Toilet Delivers 1-2 Combination


The makers of a self-cleaning toilet say their next model won’t need human intervention for a year. Assuming, that is, that your aim is accurate.

Manufacturer TotoUSA uses plenty of jargon and buzzwords in its description of the Neorest 750H (which will cost $9,800), including the unlikely “ewater+” but the short version is that its “Actilight technology” has four key elements.

  • The bowl itself is coated with a mix of titanium dioxide and zirconium, creating an extremely smooth surface and thus making it more likely any remnants of solid material will slide away.
  • After a flush, the toilet sprays the bowl with electrolysed water, which acts as a very mild bleaching agent.
  • The toilet also uses an ultraviolet light to make the bowl surface hydrophilic. That makes it harder for any remaining solids to cling to the bowl.
  • The ultraviolet light also encourages photocatalysis in the form of oxygen helping break down any remaining bacteria, viruses or fecal matter.


There’s also a few usability features such as the lid automatically closing and opening in response to motion sensors, a heated seat, and an optional water and air spray for the comfort and cleanliness of those who’ve used the facilities sitting down.

For those who prefer to do their business standing up, there’s a big catch: the automated cleaning only works on the inside of the bowl, leaving the culprits to deal with the fallout of any misdirection.

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