This Lightsaber Engagement Ring is Absolutely Beautiful!


This custom-made lightsaber engagement ring was made by DTEK Designs and is available for sale right here. For those interested, the ring starts at $3,400 and the price can go higher depending on the material used to craft the ring.

This Luke Skywalker inspired lightsaber design is finely crafted from your choice of Platinum with 18k yellow gold accent, 18k white gold with 18k yellow gold accent, or 14k white gold with 14k yellow gold accents. Every detail has been carefully inspected to ensure that this is as true to form as possible. The ring was designed with the purpose of being an elegant engagement ring which includes the special element that any huge fan of the Star Wars universe would be thrilled to own.

Custom jewelry designer DTEK Designs makes lots of stunningly beautiful and geeky designs, but this Star Wars Luke Skywalker inspired lightsaber engagement ring really caught our eye! It is available here and you can read more about it and order your own custom designs. They are all made with non-conflict materials including the Emeralds, Diamond, and Gold/Platinum.

Buy a ring for her that will have her saying : “A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I said I Do!”




[DTEK Designs | Via]

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