In 2015, Konami Had A Very Strange Year


The title kind of says it all. It was, indeed, a very tumultuous year for game developer Konami, as they not only lost genius Hideo Kojima (fired, quit, we all know so little), but they also cancelled the eagerly awaited Silent Hills, which had everyone drooling.

So what is up with that?

Here’s where stuff started to get strange: it was noticed on NeoGAF that Hideo Kojima was no longer an exec at Konami and the Kojima Productions website had been turned into a Metal Gear portal site, and Kojima’s name had been stripped from the page. Moreover, Kojima Productions Los Angeles had been renamed Konami Los Angeles Studio. People wondered what the hell was going on. Gamespot reported that “power struggles” resulted in Kojima being demoted to a contract employee who was slated to leave in December.

Kotaku addresses the issue here.

[Image, story via Kotaku]

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