11 of Louise Belcher’s Best Moments on Bob’s Burgers


Let’s none of us pretend that Bob’s Burgers is not a phenomenal show because we ALL know it is. And let’s REALLY not pretend that Louise Belcher is not one of the best characters on that zany show, because we all know she is. From her weird, random thoughts most normal people wouldn’t say out loud to her quirky ears, she is a blast to watch and listen to.

From the episode Full Bars:

Louise seems to be the only kid in the group who realizes that the greatest weapon against teenage boys is teenage girls. Still, even she is shocked by the power she wields when she starts sending text messages from the cell phone of a particularly attractive high school girl; “This thing is like a remote control; they’ll do whatever I say,” she says. As Louise tries to get revenge against the bullies, she observes how the dynamics between boys and girls will change once puberty strikes. Fortunately, she figures out how to take advantage of this.

(Image via) TheRobot’sVoice has gathered together some of her best moments here.