Dr. Who: 50 Noteworthy Villains


One thing that Dr. Who has never skimped on is their array of bad guys. We all have our favorites, but DenOfGeek threw together a nice little list highlighting some of the more memorable villains from the amazing science fiction series. Villains such as:

Sharaz Jek ticks off all the traits associated with a Holmes villain, but is the most interesting collection of these tropes. He has monopolized the market on a socially acceptable drug through racketeering and guerilla warfare, and is quite happy to keep the Doctor and Peri prisoner for the rest of their lives, and later tortures the Doctor for information. He’s introduced in “The Caves of Androzani” as an elusive, nightmarish figure operating in the shadows. He’s not merely motivated by revenge and loss, but also seems to genuinely – and creepily – feel affection towards Peri to the point of mania. He’s been driven insane, and ultimately, Holmes and actor Christopher Gable managed to make you feel some sympathy for him.

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