The 10 Best Star Wars Toys


When it comes to Star Wars toys, it seems us fanboys will never run out of collectibles. But out of the thousands and thousands, which are the best? IGN put together a nice list to help us wannabe Jedi out.

Regarding the Leia figure seen above:

Hot Toys has been placing a lot of focus on the Star Wars franchise this past year, both with the new Force Awakens characters and the Original Trilogy crew. So far, we’re most impressed by their Princess Leia figure. Whereas even Hot Toys still struggles to get their Han and Luke figures exactly right, this figure captures the Rebel Princess down to the smallest details. And considering how difficult it can be to find a top-notch Leia collectible featuring something other than her slave bikini outfit, that makes this figure all the more special.

Read the rest of the list over here.

(image, story via IGN)

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