That’s no Moon: Perplexus Creates Death Star Maze


My family and I have a love affair with Perplexus mazes. We’ve spent countless hours playing with the company’s amazing spherical toys, so you can imagine my joy when I stumbled upon their new Death Star maze! The holiday season is still far away, but you can be pretty sure this will be under the Christmas tree on December 25th.

Star Wars Death Star Perplexus brings a-maze-ing lights and sounds to the award-winning range of Perplexus 3-D games! In this Star Wars Edition, you can use Rebel Alliance Squadron tactics to navigate the X-wing Starfighter through the Death Star’s treacherous tunnels and precarious pathways. Its unique shape maximizes visibility as you twist, turn and maneuver through the challenging maze mission. Master the maze and destroy the Death Star! Star Wars Death Star Perplexus is a great game for ages 8 and up. It’s easy to play, yet hard to defeat the dark side!


[Star Wars Death Star Perplexus]

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