The Wreath of Canton Pays Homage to Firefly’s Jayne Cobb

“Man walks down the street and sees this wreath on someone’s door, people know they’re not afraid of anything.”


A fantastic-looking wreath by artist and etsy user StarsSpikes, who sells all kinds of pop culture inspired items.

This wreath is 14 inches wide by 24 (with the poof ball) inches long (36cm x 60cm). The scarf is crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn and attached to a 14″ styrofoam ring. This is outdoor safe and wall friendly. It sits nicely on any generic wreath holder (I used a clear one in the images).

Whether you live on Canton or on Persephone, you can welcome people into your home (or onto your Firefly class vessel) with a wreath that proudly shows your Browncoat colors.

[Firefly Jayne Cobb Cunning Beanie Wreath]