WANT: Knight’s Chain Mail Satchel/Messenger Bag


Just the perfect thing to protect your precious feat form edged weapons!

The Knight’s Chain Mail Satchel is your basic messenger bag with one small addition – it wears a suit of chainmail! The front flap of this faux leather bag is covered with pure aluminum rings, butted together. Around that chainmail panel is a celtic design, tooled into the polyurethane. The satchel comes with both a top handle for easy grab-and-go and a shoulder strap for when you need both hands for the reins (or the tankards).

Note: this product has not been tested against edged weapons. We seriously hope you don’t frequently come across the need for protection from them. In other words, don’t take a sword/dagger/kitchen knife to this product.


[Knight’s Chain Mail Satchel]

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