FREE eBooks: Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies Audiobook + Time Management For Dummies

Today on GAS, we’re offering you 2 FREE ebooks: the “Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies” audiobook and Time Management For Dummies.

Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies Audiobook (A $9.92 Value)

anx1This friendly audio guide provides expert advice on how to identify, understand, and reduce the level of anxiety in your life.

This audio book is the perfect way for some to learn great techniques and methods to combat anxiety while in pressured public situations or in the comfort of your own space. You’ll find practical methods for reducing your level of anxiety; proven therapeutic exercises and sound advice on nutrition, relaxation and support; and tools to identify disorders, spot what is causing the anxiety, and various methods of treatment.

Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies Audiobook (A $9.92 Value)

Time Management For Dummies

time1Everyone is endowed with the same amount of time each day: 86,400 seconds — and your ability to manage that time toward goals and objectives can tip the balance of success in your favor. No matter what career and job role you’re in, this practical guide delivers solutions for working better and faster, getting rid of time-wasting distractions, and ultimately reducing stress.

Open the book and find:

-Ways to prioritize your daily efforts
-Strategies for using time-blocking to achieve goals
-Tools to help organize your physical and electronic workspace
-Tips for handling interruptions and ending procrastination

Time Management For Dummies Free eBook