Ubisoft Apologizes For Might and Magic ‘Confusion’


Ubisoft has apologized and offered a refund after a boxed collector’s edition of a game turned out not to include a game disc. Customers say promotional material for Might and Magic Heroes VII clearly showed they should get a physical copy┬árather than just a download code.

It seems Ubisoft’s marketing for the game changed sometime before its release but after many customers had pre-ordered the game. Early advertising material shows a DVD case (and an accompanying soundtrack CD) along with the PC DVD logo, while the listing on Ubisoft’s site originally showed the collector’s edition as “PC” and the standard edition as “PC Download.”

While Ubisoft later changed the description, many customers in North America who hadn’t seen the change were still surprised when the collector’s box showed up on their doorstep, complete with an empty space in the packaging that looked remarkably like where a game box would fit. Instead they got instructions for how to download the game and soundtrack. That’s in contrast to Europe where the boxed edition did include the discs.

Initially customers who complained and asked to return the game were told that — ironically enough — this wasn’t possible because Ubisoft’s policy is not to offer refunds on download products.

As you’d imagine, customers were unhappy for two reasons. Some argued that the whole point of buying a limited edition box is the physical components. Others pointed out that their broadband package means downloading huge files is something that’s either best avoided or flat out impractical.

Ubisoft is sticking by its policy of not including the physical components with the game but has apologized for “any confusion caused by the marketing materials.” It is offering a complete refund for customers who return the box. Those who’ve already bought the collector’s edition and opt not to get the refund will be allowed to choose an additional Ubisoft game to download alongside Might and Magic Heroes VII.