Stewie Potter: A Family Guy Parody of Harry Potter [Video]

Stewie and Brian’s latest adventure takes them to everyone’s favorite School of Magic – Hogwarts!

From Patrick McCarthy:

I’m a HUGE fan of Family Guy and dreamt of being a staff writer for them since high school! I’m hoping they see this video and want nothing more than to offer me a job (after issuing a cease and desist, ha).

I wrote, drew all character and location art, animated, voiced all the characters (except Meg), and composed all of the music (fusing Family Guy and Harry Potter). I created everything from scratch.

There WILL be an EPISODE 2 for Diagon Alley, but Quirky Kid will first publish an Episode 1 of a couple more on-going stories FIRST. So, PLEASE be patient, and please SUBSCRIBE so you can be notified when the next one comes out.

[Patrick McCarthy]

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