Iron Man Mini Fridge Features Light-Up Eyes


From Thinkgeek:

To clarify: this is NOT the Stark Industries pneumatic cooler Tony Stark demos in Iron Man that he says he’ll be throwing in with every purchase of $500 million or more. Although if you’re going to give us $500 million, we’ll get GeekLabs right on that.

This is that fridge’s little brother. With a convenient carry-handle this fridge can go with you wherever you go. Stick it under your desk. File it in the bottom drawer of your filing cabinet under “Potables.” Put it on the floorboard on the passenger’s side of your vehicle. It’ll keep a 6-pack cold. Or warm, if that’s what you so desire. Even though he’d probably do it flashier, we think Tony Stark would approve.


[Iron Man Mini Fridge]

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