Epic Steam Punk Star Wars [Pics]


Graphic artist Bjorn Hurri has given us some amazing renditions of our favorite Star Wars characters with a full Steam Punk conversion. Copper Plating, gears, steam stacks and leather give our space heroes an antiquated feel that is simply amazing. We featured some of his work back in 2011, but he has completed his series of illustrations since then, so this is just an update to the post!

Please note that all these illustrations can be purchased as prints via the artist’s online store.










[Source: Bjorn Hurri]


22 Responses to Epic Steam Punk Star Wars [Pics]

    • What, how could you say that? Not that these renditions aren't cool, but star wars stands tall all by itself.

  1. I don't understand the "Luke Skywalker" sketch. Luke was the foster son of a moisture farmer, not an ironworks engineer (so he should look even more of a farm boy in steampunk.) Also the sketch titled "Storm Trooper" looks a lot more like Enclave Power Armor from the Fallout 3 game, with an added tool belt. The "plasma rifle" he's holding is a dead giveaway, with the respirator pipes a good second. The bottle part is yellow in Fallout 3 and stands out in the design more. It's the plasma container for the gun, all Fallout plasma guns have it in the design.

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