Back To The Future Sports Almanac Sold For $7,000


It’s too late to profit from the futuristic insight of the Grays Sports Almanac featured in Back To The Future Part II, but it’s still a money maker. The original almanac prop has just sold for £4,750 (approximately US$7,200) in an auction of movie props. Other BTTF items sold included:

  • A prototype Hill Valley High School letterman jacket (£600)
  • The torn phone book page Marty used to find Doc Brown (£1,700)
  • A plutonium fuel cell  (£3,000)
  • Marty’s fedora from Part II (£5,000)
  • Two USA Today front pages from 2016 featuring Marty McFly Jr’s escapades (£1,800 and £2,750)


One Response to Back To The Future Sports Almanac Sold For $7,000

  1. I have to wonder where McFly got $7K, but then again, considering he didn’t hash his music career by plowing into a Rolls Royce, seven grand probably wasn’t much to him this time.

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