Destiny’s Ghost: Nolan North vs. Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage’s performance as the voice of Destiny’s Ghost was rather bland, but now that Nolan North is aboard as the new voice of ghost, has Destiny changed for the better? Check out the video comparing both performances, and then let us know your thoughts about them in the comments below!


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  1. Peter Dinklage. Perhaps, as you say, is somewhat bland but there is a rich character to his voice that makes Ghost distinct. Nolan North, while always good, sounds a bit too much like 3CPO for my taste. His performance is “more of the same” for me. Frankly, whoever directed the voice actors is the one who should be replaced. Dinklage is a consummate professional and could certainly have delivered a lot more had there been better direction. Nolan’s delivery also suffers from the same lack of direction.

  2. Dinklage was definitely better. His voice just somehow matched with the persona of the ghost. This North direction was definitely the wrong turn. I really don’t even want to hear my ghost talk anymore because of this guy. I’m with the the person above me, North’s inflections and pauses are annoying. North definitely need some direction or coaching from Dinklage with this character.

  3. I don’t like either of them. I find the Ghost to be generally full of conjecture and distraction. If there was a better comic relief I would be happier with it. The only part where I thought the Ghost was “good” was the “Little light” comment where he replies, “Don’t do that”. That made me chuckle. Otherwise it’s annoying. Almost as much as the fairy thing in the new Zelda games, “LINK!” “HEY!”

  4. The real problem is the writing. You could throw James Earl Jones in there and it’d still sound like crap. Can’t do much with crappy dialogue. It’s the second Star Wars trilogy all over again.

    • I have to agree the lines were less than stellar. One thing to remember is, the Ghost is a machine.
      Also I find North’s Ghost very “Spark”ish as in the Spark from Halo.

  5. Dinklage’s lines would’ve come off less bland, had their been a bit more direction while he was in the booth, or via editing to give more appropriate pauses, and some direction about what was going on. It sounds as if he had no direction, and had no idea what would be possibly going on at the point of his lines.

  6. I prefer Dinklage. I find this new ghost a distraction and annoyance. Had been considering deleting my hunter and doing a new play through to have the new voice from the start but the main thing stopping me is the worry that the ‘little light’ dialogue may be ruined for me. I do not want tinny C3POesque voices from any devices. I never felt that the ghost should have more emotion as I do not see it as a true living being. I have felt that if it can raise the dead it should be able to start opening doors without having to wait for a break during fighting for me to deploy it. I also feel it should manage to analyse an area with a larger space than one square millimetre lol

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