PC Gamer’s Desktop Circa 2001


If you were a PC gamer around 2001, this IS what your desktop looked like (or something very similar). Hard not to look at it and pine for the good old days for a minute.

Then we remember the gold old days weren’t all that good and we snap back to reality. Still nice to remember now and again.


9 Responses to PC Gamer’s Desktop Circa 2001

  1. Replace X-Wing with TIE Fighter, add Diablo and Civilization II and yeah, you’ve pretty much got my desktop icons from then :)

  2. Well, the article says “around 2001”. Which means it can be 2000 or 2002 too.
    What concerns ME is that the icons on my computer at that era, with a WinXP didn’t have such pixellated edges. They looked kinda smooth already. Same when I’d use a Linux distribution of about that time too.

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