Fake Geek Girls [Comic]

A fantastic comic by artist JAKFACE exposing what many female geeks still have to live through when attending conventions. Fortunately, I’ve never seen it happen locally over here in Montreal or in Quebec City!


[Source: JAKFACE on Tumblr | Via GG]


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  1. Couple of things:

    1. There was so much straw put into creating this strawman, it’s making me sneeze.
    2. Here’s the 1983 Joust world championships. It was won by a teenage boy: http://flashbak.com/1983-the-first-video-game-world-championship-video-12595/
    3. There are very very few people that have a problem with “girl gamers”, they’re just gamers. Cosplayers are not always gamers, and that’s cool, too.

    In short, this comic is an overreaction to something that barely even exists along the far fringes of gaming.

    • I feel the need to point out that this comic isn’t about people who have problems with fake “gamer girls” as your 3. seems to imply, but fake geek girls, which is quite a broader issue than just gaming. You can be a gaming geek, a cosplay geek, a literature geek, a SF geek, etc.

      In short, I really don’t see what is the point of your 3. apart minimizing a real problem you probably don’t experience.

    • Couple of things in response to your couple of things:

      1. Quick quote from Wikipedia to establish the definition of a Strawman:

      “A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument which was not advanced by that opponent”

      What is the argument here? Well it appears the male gamer is saying the girl is not a gamer and is only in it to look cool, apparently because she is a girl. The “Gamer Momma” comes along to establish that there are longtime girl gamers and thus that the male gamers attitude and thinking are incorrect.

      So no strawman, at least from the argument of this comic.

      2. The 1983 Joust world championships was likely a random throw out, not actually meant to be taken seriously.

      3. While the number might be very few, they are a vocal loud minority (we hope) that have long been a part of the gaming culture.

      I’ve gamed for nearly twenty years, across numerous platforms and mediums. When my siblings decided that they too wanted to game i had to tell them to keep their gender hidden from people when they played online, less they face a torrent of nagging, bother and all sorts of harassment of varying kinds simply because of said gender.

      Even today this is not something that “barely even exists along the far fringes of gaming”. It was, for a very long time, simply considered how things were and referenced as casually as any other part of the online community and internet. There are comics, sayings, all sorts that reference the attitude that persisted and still persists in some people.

      Have things improved? Hell yea they have. In the last few years as gaming and the internet moved more into the mainstream and daily life a lot more people were open about their gender and the like.It’s become a lot more acceptable than even five years ago.

      But it’s not gone, not yet. Hopefully that changes in the near future.

    • I guess you have never attended Blizzcon? Do you have any idea how many gamers are cosplayers? And this is not just for Blizzard games. As a gamer girl/momma I found this spot on and amusing. I have run into this male mindset frequently.Then when I share with them that I am a grandmother as well… They shut up quickly. I started with Pong many, many years ago. For the last four years, I alpha/beta test new games while running in pvp matches with my live streaming friends. I have had to hide my gender for several years. Nowadays? I don’t care if you know. I just sit back and laugh with them. When they deny that there is no way I can be a woman. I just send it back to them saying; “Well then I guess your not a male because your playing a female character?” Then my male friends/guildies warn them and we meet on the battle grounds, Hutball anyone?

  2. Men being always depicted as the bad guys. They’re either perverts or nazis. Girls always depicted as victims because that’s what reinforces these stereotypes. *yawns*

    • Well, in my couple of decades in fandom, it’s never been other women who imply I have no right to be there, or don’t know what I’m talking about, or I’m only there for attention. Not once. They might get catty about my sewing, but they don’t act like I have no right to be there.

      But it’s been men, dozens of times. Well, boys. And now it happens to my niece, but not my nephews.

        • *Picks up mic*

          I think that all people are all dicks.

          Some people are dicks because of anonymity, some are dicks because they want to change everything and want an “idealistic” society, and some people are dicks because they’re tired of all the white knighting that’s happening today. It all depends on which team your playing for but every team is a losing one.

          I personally think we have too many people fighting for too many stupid causes. The worlds resources dwindle, wars are happening, children are slaving away for big business, and everyone on the internet is too busy crying out for the poor sad little nerd girls that don’t have the willpower to tell fuckboys to eat a dick and then hit the mute button.

          There are so many bigger things than yourself happening around you but this generation, and even mine are too busy being halfwit soldiers in a war against stupidity.

          I’m just waiting for the world to reset these days. Buncha fuckin’ kids the lot of ya.

  3. I’ve been tempted to react like that Mom whenever I’m asked if I really do love Star Wars or am I just wearing that Yoda t-shirt because it’s cool. “Do you have any idea what you’re talking about, girl?” This isn’t “something that barely even exists along the far fringes of gaming”, it’s a reality for a lot of us girls who game/geek as a part of our lifestyles.

    • Then tell them to eat a d*** and walk away. That’s what every other person in the world has to do when someone’s being a moron. Establish dominance, take control of the situation and use that newfound power to establish that what they did pissed you off, or just realize that everyone has to deal with them and morons will always be morons. You can’t win the game if you always spectate.

  4. So reading this comic I did find it kinda humorous, I am neither offended nor do I want to pick up a pitch fork. Guys treat women like you want to be treated , Women treat guys like you want to be treated…. better yet, lets all remember the golden rule, AND I DON’T MEAN ” WHO EVER HAS THE MOST GOLD MAKES THE RULES!!! ” Freakin people we all need to get off our high horses…. ( okay I am done here is my soap box)

  5. If you can’t beat the original Legend of Zelda within 1 hour of starting, while collecting every heart and item…I automatically assume you are a fake gamer…male or female. Kidding of course. Play what you like. Dress up like who you admire. Plenty of room for both sexes in the gaming community.

  6. As a guy it’s personally hard for me to believe that people would actually be this explicitly jerky a girl at a convention or gaming store since it’s never happened to me nor have I witnessed it firsthand. Like, I can’t conceive of actual flesh-and-blood adults doing this.

    lBut if you talk to any girl at said store a lot of them did have that happen or something close to it. It doesn’t mean that’s been every gamer woman’s experience or most people do it or that it happens every day – but it does happen. Just because we don’t see it firsthand doesn’t negate this.

  7. And I thought it would end with her working for some game company and not knowing the game or something like that, that would be a funny twist.

  8. “Your pretty face offends, because it’s something real I can’t touch.”
    This Manics’ lyric perfectly describes those kind of men depicted in the comic above.

    • You’re kidding, right?

      I was born in 1983 and have played games for as long as i can remember. I know that I’m not a first generation gamer, partly based on common sense, but also that my mother told me later that she played the atari when the kids were out playing or in school and that some of the games she brought home were more based on what she wanted to play than what we would like. She used to tell us about arcade games and had a record called Pac-Man Fever….that my sister and I listened to repeatedly as children. It’s highly unlikely that we were the only family with girls that enjoyed video games as much or more than the boys…and very likely that there were other girls gaming out there more into it than were.

    • I got my first computer, a vic20, in 1980. I played games on it (along with learning BASIC). So, you are correct only insofar as the phrase ‘gamer geek girls’ didn’t exist. However, I spent hours upon hours playing Zork, so I challenge your assertion. I have also met plenty of other girls who were into computers and playing games in the early 80’s. I’d like to know where you got the idea that girls didn’t play early games. In fact, when I was young, I knew as many girls with Ataris playing Pong as boys. It actually wasn’t until quite a bit later that video games became so drastically gender-divided, and that was the result of a lot of concerted effort on the part of marketers that games were ‘for boys’.

  9. I was gaming in 1983 and played the pac-man fever albu, endlessly. I about wore out the record. There were plenty of gamer geek girls in 1983. I was one of them.

  10. The reason guys call out “fake gamer” girls is because there are so many. I personally don’t care if you play or not and glad you contributed to the bottom line of the business so that they will keep making awesome games. However, you can’t blame it on just one part of the problem. People get defensive when they see these “fake gamer girls” preying on their friends. I don’t want to see anyone ostracized from something the love, but I also dont want to see folks being abused because they aren’t as social experienced with girls.

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