5 Final Fantasy Fan Theories That CHANGE EVERYTHING

Final Fantasy is one of the game franchises that are awash in fan theories thinking this means that and that means this. Reality is, we are all just probably overthinking and over-evaluating these games. Regardless, it makes for some interesting fan theories.

Here are some of the most interesting Final Fantasy fan theories, via Gameranx.

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  1. There was also a famous theory of Rinoa being Ultimecia, but both Squall’s death and the Rinoa=Ultimecia ones were debunked by the commenters who actually got to finish the game, providing explanation that makes a lot of sense. I finished the game too, but I forgot the details, so I can’t really be of help here.
    Game Theorists have also made a video about the whole FF franchise being atheristic, the kind of atheism which critiques organised religion even, focusing on mainly Ff10 and FF6, where the Divine’s Commedy refference was mentioned, as well as Seymur from 10 being the pope.

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