Femme Tony Stark Crossplay [Gallery]

While she’s gotten down and dirty for cosplay shoots before, artist-model Briana Lamb prefers “geek chic,” as previously seen with her Vogue Loki crossplay.

This time she’s tackling actual Avenger Tony Stark, and she told us why:

What was originally just an attempt to do a genderbent Avenger costume with friends turned into a little more. The rest of the group fell away, but I wanted to continue forward with the idea of doing a business chic version of the gregarious Tony Stark. It was both fun and challenging to bring a realistic female version of Tony Stark to life — or better known as Natasha Stark from Earth-3490. The costume consisted of clothes from my closet or newly purchased items to create a real world “everyday cosplay.” The arc reactor was a 3D-printed piece by Adam Greene of Pixelbash Props.

[Photos by RBC Image]
[Hair by Abraham Saucedo]
[Makeup by Courtney Walters Makeup]

Briana_Stark 1

Briana_Stark 6

Briana_Stark 8

Briana_Stark 9

[via The Lady Nerd]