The 25 Best Batman Villains


Don’t be thrown off by the fact that we are using a Ventriloquist pic for the lead-in to the 25 best Batman villains. I mean, we just wanted a visual that was someone you didn’t expect. Killer Croc or Joker would have been too easy. That is what makes this IGN list so great. It kinda covers a very wide spectrum of badass Batman enemies. For example, one of my favorite so few seem to know about:

The Court Of Owl

One of Batman’s greatest strengths is that he knows the streets and alleys of Gotham City better than anyone. But when the shadowy group known as the Court of Owls appeared with their haunting masks and undead Talon assassins, Batman realized that maybe he didn’t know his city as well as he thought.

And that is just one of the many rogues you get to read about in this list that is a must-read for any Batman fan.

[Image, story IGN]

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