When Fitness Crazed People Confront You [Comic]


[Source: Jake Clark]


2 Responses to When Fitness Crazed People Confront You [Comic]

  1. I honestly don’t see how being super into your health is any different than being utterly devoted to whatever show/movie/comic/game franchise you love. The crazy otaku’s who tell you every last little bit of obscure knowledge about DBZ or MLP can act exactly the same way. They’ll get pissed if you tell them the show isn’t good or is flawed in one way or another. They get SUPER pumped when its brought up in conversation because its something they are very knowledgeable about. I think this lil comic should be more about taking ANYTHING overboard, not about people who care about their bodies enough to devote their lives to it.

    • Calm down, man.

      You are right about what you say, but this comic is rather an illustration of a feeling triggered by some experience, than an actual statement. At least, that’s how I see it.

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