Man Hacks “The Legend of Zelda” for Marriage Proposal [Video]

From Natalie Martin:

My fiancĂ© proposed to me by having me sit through him playing the whole game on what I thought was his original NES catridge. While I wasn’t looking, before we started playing, he switched out the original cartridge for an EverDrive cartridge, so I had no clue that when he beat the game, this would happen!

He didn’t expand the memory of the rom at all, so he was working with bytes of space to make the changes, but he hacked Zelda to have bunny ears (he calls me Bunny, and I’m obsessed with bunny rabbits), and aside from the proposal text and animation of Link holding up the ring, he also hacked the music to play in the background (which is silent in the original). I’m sure he would want me to say something else too, but he’s the computer programmer, not me.

[Natalie Martin]

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