‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Exclusive PS4 Content

Looks like PS4 owners are in for something special with their versions of Batman: Arkham Knight. You can almost hear the Xbox One fanboys gathering their weapons and readying for battle.

Relax guys and gals, we are sure they have something in mind for that console, too. Rocksteady is not gonna go out on a whimper with this series. Clear to see they intend on going out with a bang. But those scarecrow nightmare levels looks SICK and I would be pretty upset as an Xbox One owner if I didn’t get to play them. (Side note: at the end of trailer it says “Scarecrow missions on PS4 first”, which tells me Xbox One owners WILL get them. Just later on.)

Thoughts on that? Is this a scandal waiting to happen? Will it further fuel the console war? Either way, you have to admit this game looks fantastic!

[Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) | Via Gamespot]

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