KFC Saves Touchscreens From Greasy Paws


KFC in Germany has run a one-week promotion making it easier for customers to keep using their gadgets while enjoying finger licking goodness.

They did so by creating special tray mats with a built-in keyboard that can connect to your smartphone or tablet by Bluetooth, meaning you can type without touching your screen — something that can be both tricky and icky when you’ve been eating greasy food by hand.

While it sounds like a prank, the “Tray Typer” was genuine, albeit only as a temporary promotion. The advertising agency responsible says that “geolocated social media discussions skyrocketed” and claims that “every single one” of the trays was taken home, which seems somewhat unlikely.

Still, those who did help themselves may find it useful as the 4 millimeter thick tray mat is water-resistant and rechargeable. It’s also has considerably larger keys than most Bluetooth keyboards.

So if you’re on a train or plane and detect the unmistakable odor of aged chicken fat, look out for the person typing.

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