Flying Drone Cam Follows and Film You Wherever You Go!


A GPS-controlled drone video camera to be released next year can film you wherever you go without interfering with your activities. The problem is that it’s very expensive and has a severely limited battery life.

The Lily camera connects wirelessly with a small receiver that fits into your pocket or on your wrist. Once you throw it into the air, it will automatically move between five and fifty feet overhead and film you from between five and 100 feet away.

You can set the orientation so that it can film you from the front, side, or rear, with other options including rotating to keep you in frame at all times or even circling round you.

The receiver, which comes with a waterproof case, has a microphone, with the audio automatically synced up to the footage.

Technically the drone is waterproof to one meter depth, though the makers recommend not trying to “fly” it underwater as this could damage the motors. It will also land itself if the battery is running critically low.

Unfortunately there’s a major limitation: the battery that powers the drone only lasts for an average of 20 minutes of flying, takes two hours to recharge, and is not replaceable.

The drone is also limited to flying at 25 miles per hour. That will be fine for most uses, though it does rule out filming some motorsports activities

When it goes on sale next year, Lily will cost $999 plus taxes and shipping. You can pre-order it for $499 but must pay up front (though it’s refundable if you cancel before delivery).

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