These Incredibly Detailed “Cut Out” Scenes from Star Wars are Entirely Made from Paper


Artist Marc Hagan-Guirey took some of his favorite scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy and recreated them with an X-acto knife and a single 8.27 by 11.7-inch sheets of paper.




From CNN:

“These are the product of a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error,” he says. “For me, though, I link this back to my childhood. I’ve always made things out of stuff you’d otherwise put in the bin. My currency was toilet roll tubes and cereal boxes. I would make fortresses for my action figures out all sorts of things. Cleaned out tin cans with both ends opened made perfect sewer pipes for Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle action figures.”





Now, the artist wants to showcase his art in a gallery exhibition, which will be titled “Cut Scene,” and for this, he is running a Kickstarter campaign to finance the project.

[Via CNN | NA]

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