‘Torchwood’ Will Return…….As A Series of Audio Plays


There were many people left saddened by the cancellation of the Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood. It was a show awash in mystery and many of those mysteries did not get the time to work themselves out proper. Good news for fans of that series, as it is coming back, but not the Torchwood you remember.

i09 has more:

The six-part series will see the return of members of the Torchwood team from the TV series once more for new adventures, with each part of the monthly series focusing on a different member of the crew as a mysterious event impacts upon them in different ways, before bringing them all together in future stories. It won’t be the first time that Torchwood has delved into radio dramas — there was a series of plays starring Jack, Gwen and Ianto released a few years ago, and even a special one off written to celebrate the activation of the Large Hadron Collider in 2008.

The way I see it, at least the true fans are getting some more Torchwood on some level, even if it may not be the medium they wish it were.

(Image, story via io9)