May the 4th Be With You: 6 Great Ways You Can Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day


As many of us geeks and nerds know, May 4th is Star Wars day (as in May the 4th be with you). It is a cool little play on words, and a great way to recognize what was basically the greatest sci fi trilogy ever made. Even better news, with all the new Stars Wars stuff coming to light (new movies, Battlefront game), there are lots of ways to celebrate May 4th and make your Star Wars day the best one you’ve ever had. Bust out your lightsabers, get ready to start annoyingly talking backwards for your friend in your worst Yoda voice, because here are six awesome ways to celebrate Star Wars day.

Watch All Six Movies

This is one way to celebrate May 4th. Sit down fairly early with a large gathering of friends and watch all six movies, back-to-back and in order. Granted, the first three (which were the prequels) are not nearly as strong as the second three, but if you do the series in order you get the bad ones out of the way first.

There is something truly awesome about sitting down for almost twelve hours on Star Wars day, celebrating with the actual material that started this worldwide love affair with this franchise.

Read the Comics

From Legacy to Vector, there are some unbelievable Star Wars comics that expand upon that universe greatly and will give any fan a much deeper understanding of the lore at work here. Keep in mind, you have decades of comics to catch up on, but a couple series worth reading for fans are Legacy and Vector, named above, as well as:

Tag and Bink are Dead
Planet of the Dead 
The Savage Heart
X-Wing: Rogue Squadron

and countless others. You could spend the entire 24 hours on May 4th reading Star Wars comics and would still be barely breaching the surface.

Play the Games

Unlike many licensed series out there, the Star Wars games have actually fared well, somehow. From Outcast to Knights of the Old Republic, there are many great games for you to play on many consoles on May 4th to celebrate Star Wars day. Heck, you could actually play through almost every generation of console gaming and find a Star Wars game in every generation, even as far back as Atari.

So think about that. Playing all the Star Wars games from Atari up to now on the 4th? Well, not possible, but you could play about fifteen minutes of each, which would still be impressive.

 Speculate Wildly About New Movies

We have a good deal on Force Awakens at this point. Enough to make us drool and speculate. What is even better is they have released info about Rogue One already, too, and it sounds astounding.  Rogue One appears to be the dark spinoff that will not be tied to this trilogy. It will basically be a raid on the Death Star, and director Gareth Edwards will be at the helm, with some crucial members of The Raid movies starring and hinting at just how intense it could get.

Sounds like a super slick and dark spin off, and one some of us older Star Wars fans cannot wait to see.

Catch Up on the TV Shows and Animated Movies

The Star Wars universe is much larger than most assume, because many people stick to the six main movies as canon. Thing is, between comics and books and animated shows, there is SO MUCH MORE to this universe than most know. A great way to acclimate yourself further with the mythos is by checking out some of these other shows (Clone Wars, Rebels) and getting a more varied idea of this galaxy, far, far away.

Plus, the shows are good. They may be made a little safer for kids, but the heart of what makes this series so great is still quite clear.

Imagine Where This Series Will Go Next….

When I say next, I don’t mean the next Star Wars movie or game. I mean, really, over the next decade or two with Disney at the helm, where is this series going to go? Will we be getting quality Star Wars movies forever now? Will there be more game tie-ins and will they improve in quality? Will we finally get the new Knight of the Old Republic sequel we all beg for? These are all valid inquiries, and what better day to ponder on them than on May 4th?

Personally, it looks like Disney is going to milk this, but being a fan, I am okay with that, because they have the budget and so far, the direction they are going seems fantastic. In the meantime, May the 4th be with you, and happy Star Wars day!

Fan Art by Mafalda J. Barata.

Fan Art by Mafalda J. Barata.

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2 Responses to May the 4th Be With You: 6 Great Ways You Can Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day

  1. I’d rather skip the prequels thank you very much. There are lots of things to do on May the Fourth than wasting it watching trade negotiations.

  2. For the prequels: google for “The phantom cut” …
    Further things to dow: watch a star wars dance of video on youtube from former years.

    Also donm’t watch the other 3 Movies. Those with a flock of Ewoks and the one about Christmas.

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