Adidas and Marvel Team-Up for ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Shoes


Adidas and Marvel comics have teamed up and created shoes that will tie in to the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. As you can see, the shoes each seem to represent a different superhero from The Avengers team.


The shoes are set to launch worldwide on May 1st, and should be available via many major shoe stores and even online. If you like superheroes, and you like workout shoes, these may be your dream sneakers.


From Adidas:

The adidas collection, which releases its kids line at adidas retail and online shop on 17th March and second line on 1st May to coincide with the film’s release, will feature exciting new designs reflecting the unique personalities of three of the film’s superheroes: Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. Both lines, which cover infants, little kids and youth boys alike, offer full head-to-toe outfits including tees, shorts and accompanying shoes and accessories with matching colours to ensure a wardrobe with fresh new looks for every true Avengers fan!

You may not be able to have their superpowers, but you can represent them on your feet, and that is still pretty cool.

(story, images via LaughingSquid and Adidas)

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