How Similar Are Your Favorite Comic Book Shows? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By the end of this year, there will be — or will have been — at least 10 comic book-themed shows.

The Daily Dot created an infographic comparing all 10 — including a few that have not even premiered yet — to show just how formulaic they all are…yes even, the awesome, fan-favorite Daredevil on Netflix.

At least half of all the shows have the following in common:

  • Are crime procedurals;
  • Feature a white male lead;
  • ‘Hero’ is either an orphan or had a bad childhood;
  • Center around vigilante crime-fighting;
  • Feature too many lesser-known comic book characters
Click Picture to Enlarge!

Click Picture to Enlarge!

Does the formulaic nature of these shows bother you? What type of comic book-based show would YOU like to see?

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