First Details on ‘Stars Wars’ Anthology Spinoff: Rogue One


Not sure if you heard the news this past weekend, but there is some big buzz already about the next Star Wars movie after the one coming this year. The reason for this buzz has a bit to do with some people involved. If you have seen either The Raid movies, you know why you should be excited at this point about Rogue One.

Finally confirming the rumors, director Gareth Edwards announced that this will indeed be about the mission to steal the Death Star plans – and it’s set in a universe where there are believed to be no Jedi left. “God’s not coming to save you.”

Realism is important – he wants this to feel like a real war movie set in the Star Wars universe.To that end, he has the cinematographer of Zero Dark Thirty and special effects guys from Black Hawk Down andSaving Private Ryan. He said that while Star Wars is quite black-and-white in terms of good and evil, Rogue One will show the gray area that becomes polarized. Good guys are bad, bad guys are good – it’s like the reality of war.

So much like Empire Strikes Back, we should expect this movie to be dark and troubling, which has me beyond excited. I always wanted a Star Wars that went that step further when it came to some of the darker stuff, and it looks like we just might get it with Rogue One.

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