What To Expect in Future From ‘Walking Dead’ Based on Comic


Most Walking Dead fans know by now that the show follows its own course and often deters from the story line in the comic series. But many of the fans of the source material know the situation Rick and his gang are in currently IS from the comic book, so where do they go and what is in store for them next? Truth is, they stray from the source so much it is hard to tell, but i09 have done some speculating. Regarding Negan, I wholly agree with them. Keep in mind, some SPOILERS may lay ahead:

Time passes after the walker herd attack, with Rick leading Alexandria through hard times and into a period of relative calm (although he does face a brief coup attempt from some Alexandrians displeased with Rick’s no-nonsense rule), and the group even encounters another friendly enclave of survivors at what’s known as the Hilltop community, and begin to trade supplies with each other. But they also come across a group called the Saviors, a roaming band led by a man named Negan, who go around killing walkers and demanding supplies from other survivor groups as a sort of extortion racket.

Negan is BAD news, and makes the Governor look like a Disney character by comparison. Whether these theories pan out remains to be seen, but for now, it gives us something to drool about (and tremble over).

{image via BiffBamPop, story via i09}