Journey Alpha: A Highly Entertaining “Non-Interactive” Video Game

Yep, that right: A “non-interactive” video game. That basically means a short film taking place in a video game. Some would argue that “The Order: 1886” is also a non-interactive video game, but that’s not what the subject of this post.

From [GAS] reader Patrick Poelchau:

I wanted to share with you my thesis project I did for film school back in 2013. It was planned as a non-interactive video game short film. Being a life-long gamer, I always wanted to create a game myself, but, since I decided to go the animation route, I never got to do it. That itch to make a game never went away, so I thought to myself, why not make a movie out of it?

That’s how the whole thing got started, and after six months, Journey Alpha was born. I am in the planning stages for “Journey Beta”, the sequel, and hope to get around to it someday.

[Weltenwandler Design]

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