6 Reasons Nerd Culture Needs To Take a Good, Long Look at Itself


From Gamergate to the toxicity of our game heroes, Topless Robot has some interesting thoughts on why nerd culture may need to step back and take a good, long look at itself if it intends to evolve as a movement.

The last half year has not been the brightest hour for nerds and nerd culture. While nerds, geeks, gamers, etc. like to see themselves as ahead of the curve – at least when it comes to technology and pushing its limits – we’ve discovered there’s a mean, destructive streak festering at the heart of our culture. Since mid-August, some of the Internet’s most persistent and terrifying harassers have gathered under the banner of GamerGate to drive vocal female critics and developers out of the industry. A dumbass Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode was made out of it. Many of GamerGate’s poisonous attitudes have been fed by video games and comic books and perpetuated by those who play and read them, and while every nerd obviously shouldn’t be blamed for what’s happened, our culture still needs to step back and reflect

The piece is well-written and tries to take a less biased look at the nerd world, but is also not afraid to admit our flaws and areas we need work. Every nerd should give it a few minutes today.

[Image and story via ToplessRobot]