PS4 Virtual Reality ‘Morpheus’ Set For 2016 Release


Sony’s virtual reality helmet for the PS4 will be on sale in the first half of next year. The device, codenamed Project Morpheus, will have more impressive specs than originally announced.

Most of the changes relate to the use of a different screen to the original prototype models. It’ll now be OLED, 5.7 inches and will have a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display will cover a 100 degree field of vision.

Another big change is a frame rate of 120 fps, which compares to 90fps in rival gadgets being developed by Facebook and HTC. Although the PS4 runs at 60fps, Sony says users will be able to install a software update to artificially insert what they call “in between” frames. It’s not yet clear if this update will also work for using the console without Morpheus and instead outputting 120fps to a TV.

The device also tracks head movement via LEDs on the outside of the helmet and a PS4 camera. The new model has increased accuracy with nine rather than six LEDs, while Sony says the response time for tracking a movement has been more than halved, from 0.04 seconds to 0.018 seconds.

Of course some of the key information such as the specific release date, game support or pricing remains a secret.

WIRED tried out the new model at a conference in San Francisco and reports trying a first person shooter that combined the Morpheus helmet with two Move motion controllers to produce an experience that not only included obvious actions like taking cover or firing, but even involved the player opening a desk drawer and rifling around to find and retrieve spare ammo.

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