This “Red Sonja” Cosplay by “It’s Raining Neon” is Amazing [Pics]


Considering the insane cold wave we’ve been passing through recently over here in North America, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it outside for more than 5 minutes though.

Costume, Model, and Photography by It’S Raining Neon. Be sure to check out more of her work over at her Deviantart page and to follow her on Facebook!

This is probably a little different than what you are use to seeing when you think Red Sonja. But this is my take on her, my own translation of the barbarian babe. I became a fan of her from Gail Simone’s writing, I don’t think any other incarnations of the character, or her story, quite get it right like her’s did.



[Source: It’s Raining Neon (Devianrtart) | It’s Raining Neon on Facebook]

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