10 Worst Misconceptions About Medieval Life You’d Get From Fantasy Books


The funny thing about high fantasy and medieval novels is, when we read them, we still think we wish we lived in that world based on their tropes (and swords). Truth is, we don’t. If you stop to take a moment to think about it, your life span would probably be freakishly short in such a world. And half the tropes you think exist, probably don’t.

From i09:

Yes, a lot of Medieval medicine was based on what we would consider today mystical bunk. A great deal of diagnosis involved astrology and humoral theory. Blood letting was a respected method of treatment, and many of the curatives were not only useless — they were downright dangerous. And while there were medical colleges, extraordinarily few physicians were able to attend.

Right down to the medicine, it’s really not the Game of Thrones you imagine. While it may be fun to pretend, the reality would suck eggs.

[Image and story via 109]

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