Office Life Is Really Tough For a Dalek [Video]

These fan sketches follow Gary, a Dalek from the British science-fiction series Doctor Who, who finds himself stranded on Earth with no weaponry and no way of reaching home. So he decides to blend in with the locals until rescue comes. It’s then he is selected by a British film crew as the subject of a documentary following the lives of illegal migrant workers trying to make a living in the United States. If only they knew…!

Gary will go on a job interview, a blind date, and even join a book club with his buddy, Chaz (Tim Cross from original kill9tv series, ./shutdown)! He’ll stretch his imagination and learn what it is to be human. Hey, what better way to destroy us all, right?

Debuts FEBRUARY: Kill9tv’s newest series, Dalek Gary searches for a job, friendship and even love on modern-day Earth.



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