Funko Makes ‘Orphan Black’ Toys For All The Clones Out There


Orphan Black is wickedly underrated show that deserves more attention and seems to slowly be getting it. One step in the right direction is the fact that Funko is now making some slick Orphan Black toys. As you know with most Funko pieces, they are very stylized, but you can still easily tell who everyone is, and the quality is fantastic. So who is everyone? Who do you think?

The Orphan Black figures are all about the clones which means six different versions of Tatiana Maslany. Yes, it is a glorious thing. Here’s the full Pop! clone line-up: Sarah Manning, Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena, Rachel Duncan, and Rachel Duncan with a pencil in her eye (pencil Rachel is a Hot Topic exclusive).





As long as you have five other clones and each of you buys a different one, you’ll have the whole set!

[Images and story via Nerdist]