Dorkly Comic: Superheroes with Incomplete Super Powers [Comic]

If you ever get a superpower, what are the chances that a second power develops at the same time to counteract the negative effects of the first power?

A fantastic comic by artist JHALL From Dorkly!







[Source: Dorkly | JHALL Comics]

10 Responses to Dorkly Comic: Superheroes with Incomplete Super Powers [Comic]

  1. Bad attempt to be funny, this is not for a geek site. Most of these are born of a misunderstanding of the power, or the science behind why they think it wouldn’t work.

    • “….misunderstanding of the power”
      Wtf are you talking about? How can they misunderstand it if they invented it?
      A really easy one to understand is the flying one. If you’re not very fit, like you get out of breath after a short run, then you can’t fly for very long. If you can run for days, you can fly for ages. There’s no mention of any ‘secondary powers’, so apparently there are none.

      How could he author/artist of this misunderstand their own idea of what they’re doing? Unless I’m misunderstanding or you’re misunderstanding about them misunderstanding.

  2. If you were running faster than light, you’d be perfectly able to see in front of you, just not behind you.

    Of course, all the light coming towards you would be blueshifted into gamma radiation from your perspective, so you’d better be wearing a lead-lined suit.

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