The Many Faces of a Time Lord: The Doctors Done Dr. Seuss Style [Geek Art]


Some fantastic illustrations of The Doctor done in the style of Dr. Seuss by Melbourne, Australia-based artist DrFaustusAU. Oh! The times and the spaces these Doctors have been!




[Source: DrFaustusAU on Deviantart

2 Responses to The Many Faces of a Time Lord: The Doctors Done Dr. Seuss Style [Geek Art]

  1. though the art is quite nice I must admit

    I’m afraid the artist has missed quite a bit.

    ONE is quite fine, as he appears in this sketch

    but I’m afraid that the rest are all quite a mess!

    Two looks quite sad while sporting that frown,

    when he should be clowning and fluting around!

    Three looks too snooty, and certainly not Dandy,

    and why isn’t Four handing out candy?

    Four should be smiling like a demented cat,

    Standing next to the chum missing his cricket bat!

    And speaking of five he’s much too demure!

    He was far more outgoing then depicted I’m sure.

    The wrong Baker’s the tallest! They’ve switched the two of them up!

    Though is expressions correct, he was quite the pup.

    Seven’s alright, but Eight just won’t do,

    He’s a romantic adventurer, not a wallflower Who!

    War doctor seems surprised and should carry more weight,

    and not look surprised with a bow to his gait!

    Nine’s expression doesn’t appear to hae PTSD,

    more like he’s confused by this odd party.

    Ten and Eleven I may give a pass,

    but Twelve’s eyebrows should have much much more mass!

    A Doctor, you see, is more then a costume,

    There’s a personality to each that could fill a whole room!

    One is a Fuddy, Two is a Clown

    Three is a Dandy who drove Bessy around!

    Four was manic with Eyeballs and Teeth

    Five was more warm with the human’s he’d meet.

    Six was snobbish and boorish and rude,

    Seven was cunning and a planning and shrewed.

    Eight was Byronic with flutting hair,

    with a TARDIS looking like a victorian fair!

    Nine was more quiet, with anger beneath

    his clean shaven head and smiling teeth.

    Ten, a bit clownish, and also romantic and quite willing,

    to “tut-tut” his companions while they did all of the killing.

    While Eleven was bold and quite quick with the boasting

    he would often derail the train of his thought he was posting.

    Twelve’s a bit more grown up, and quite a bit more grumpy.

    And quick to call humans stupid dumb monkeys.

    The War Doctor, the one we don’t often discuss

    is quiet and doesn’t like to make much a fuss.

    Please trust when I say, as an old loving geek,

    Each Doctor’s a Doctor and each Doctor’s unique!

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