This Groot Christmas Tree Topper is Just Perfect!


Artist Wolfen Moondaughter, also known as witchcraftywolfen on Deviantart, made this Groot mask to put on top of her Christmas tree topper, and I have to say, the whole thing looks just PERFECT! I also like the Rocket Raccoon plush holding on to the tree.

I’d posted about a Baby Groot Ugly X-Mas Sweater, and my friend Anita remarked that she would like a Groot tree for the holidays. My muse practically bowled me over, insisting we must do a Groot tree-topper for our Solstice tree (but of course we couldn’t do that without making a Rocket, too!) I used an old CD spool cover as a base, covered it first with foam (and an oval shampoo cap, to give the mouth form) and screwed some plastic eyes in (and cracked it — d’oh!). I then covered it in Crayola Model Magic, adding some pipe cleaners for twigs, and painted him with acrylic.

[Source: witchcraftywolfen on Deviantart | witchcraftywolfen on Flickr]