11 Interesting Details in THE MATRIX [Video]

A few things you may not have noticed in the classic and still socially relevant movie THE MATRIX. Written, edited and narrated by Rob Ager.

[Rob Ager]

3 Responses to 11 Interesting Details in THE MATRIX [Video]

  1. Some of these are interesting… as an avid Matrix fan, and having done essays on some of the things included, I was hoping for more detail. This is just a list.
    Also… for a list titled ‘interesting’ the narrator couldn’t have sounded more bored.

  2. He gets one thing very, very wrong… while the blocks do spell oz, that is *not* a reference to Alice in Wonderland at all…it’s from the movie “Night of the Lepus”, one of the silliest, and yet fun, movies of my late childhood. Terrible continuity of the rabbit sizes, only the 1998 Godzilla with Matthew Broderick had more trouble with keeping the monster sizes straight.

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