Hear: The App That Let’s You Anonymously Talk… and Stalk!


By Kazzie Ch – Robot Sucré
Guest Blogger

What if I were to tell you that you could listen to people’s conversations without feeling totally weird about it? Never mind eavesdropping on your table neighbor at Starbucks. We’ve done this already; it’s not exciting anymore. Also, I don’t care about your pumpkin-spiced latte.

There’s a new VoIP app in the Apple App Store (soon to be available on Android!) that allows you to creep in on people in a totally legit way, and also connect with strangers without any commitment. It’s called Hear. Let me tell you how it works!

With Hear, you can anonymously connect with a stranger to talk, either male or female, and other users can then anonymously drop-in and overhear. Yes, you are speaking with strangers. This means that while I’m talking with some girl with a hot voice and kinda enjoying it a lot, some guy might be listening, but I can’t know for sure.

As stated by the creators of the App on their website, anonymity is a crucial part of the concept. They wanted to make sure no one could have their personal information exposed through the application…unlike some of the popular players in the game these days!

Remember the old days, when connecting in chat rooms with total strangers was exciting, and you were kinda nervous about it? This feeling is completely gone now, thanks to social media being part of our daily lives. Hear brings that feeling back. When I tested the app and tapped “Listen”, I was nervous about what I would hear. It really just ended up being some dude talking about Ebola and Big Macs with a girl. I also listened to a guy trying to be sexy and suave with a girl who clearly did not reciprocate, and hung up on him. It was hilarious. I was anonymously cheering her on.

The app is smooth, with a very simple design, which allows all kinds of people to use it. It’s completely dummy-proof, to-the-point and most importantly, free. You start with a certain amount of “Listen” minutes, and you can purchase additional ones for a fair price, or get free ones by sharing the app. It’s available in North America on iOS at this moment, but Android will soon be available.

Fun fact: the CEO co-created Epic Meal Time, the very famous Youtube series and directed its first 37 episodes. Neat, huh?

[Hear – Anonymously Talk & Listen]

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