Why do We Have Hiccups and How to Get Rid of Them [Science Video]

Techniques on how to get rid of hiccups are many and varied, but what does science has to say about the most popular methods, and why do we get the hiccups in the first place?

The hiccups originate from your diaphragm, a muscle that’s sitting beneath your lungs and is used to control breathing by enlarging the volume of the thoracic cavity, creating suction that draws air into your lungs. A hiccup is just an involuntary spasm of your diaphragm, and what you need to do to get rid of the condition is to make the diaphragm relax.

To do this, you basically have to hit the reset button on the part of the nervous system that controls the muscle. There’s a few technique out there such as swallowing a spoon of sugar, gulping down a glass of water, holding your breath in, or breathing in a paper bag. All these technique are designed to stimulate the vagus nerve, which is designed to regulate various body functions such as your heart beat or breathing. This, in term, will stop your diaphragm from contracting.

What technique do YOU use to stop your diaphragm from “hiccuping?” Let us know in the comments below!