The Best Way to Deal With Computer Illiterate People [Pic]


This might be fake, but I don’t care, it made me laugh anyway!


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  1. this might be fake but the last bit has been said before

    When i worked in AOL tech support in the uk around 2002 there was a guy fired for using those exact words to a user that phoned in

  2. Supposedly, if what I’ve been told is true, the guy worked for Microsoft IT, and got fired for this little interaction… Personally, I can’t blame the guy. I work in a prison and know what it’s like to butt up against ridiculousness on a daily basis.

  3. It’s a very old joke (C: prompt, so MS-DOS days), but still funny. When I read it for the first time it was a Word Perfect support tech.

  4. Comes from an old list of collected support anecdotes. My understanding is that everything up to the “put it back in its box” part is true. The last bit is just what the guy wished he’d said. :-)

  5. I was on the phone with a person yesterday who was trying to get to something on my company’s website. I told her to go to our homepage at ourcompanywebsite dot com (not our actual domain, obviously).

    Her response was, “How do I do that?”

    It took several minutes of describing exactly where she had to type that information in, and I assured her several times that she didn’t have to do a Yahoo search or an Ask search to get there.

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